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Wuya, photographed at home, Bo district, Sierra Leone. Photographed on assignment for @ActionAidUK in 2013. This area is currently majorly affected by the Ebola outbreak. Having killed over 2,200 in West Africa so far. I often wonder how terrifying this disease must be for the children like Wuya in Sierra Leone. The country has only 2 doctors for every 100,000 people. The problem needs international attention. @actionaiduk is currently running an emergency appeal. / on Instagram

Mother and child, Bo, Sierra Leone. Taken on assignment for @ActionAidUK last year. This whole area of Sierra Leone is currently seriously affected with the spread of Ebola. If you want to help ActionAid currently has an emergency appeal. #ebola #africa #sierraleone #ngo #charity #internationaldevelopment / on Instagram

Children washing clothes underneath the Peace Bridge, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Shot on assignment last year for @actionaidUK. The infrastructure in the slums of Sierra Leone mean unfortunately that Ebola is more likely to spread easily and quickly due to a lack of proper sanitation and amenities. #NGO #ebola #sierraleone #freetown #everydayafrica / on Instagram

Last year I was working in Sierra Leone for the charity @ActionAidUK. I had the chance to meet children like Hassanatu and her younger sister Ramatu, living in the outskirts of Freetown. Children like this are now very much at risk as Ebola spreads throughout the country, not just the risk of infection but the knock on effects that it has on the economy and food distribution within the country. If you want to help, ActionAid has Emergency appeal running - you can see more here: / on Instagram / on Instagram

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For all you gear heads there’s a big camera bag review up on the blog at the moment: #gear #bag #tech #photography @fstopgear @thinktankphoto / on Instagram