From a shoot I had with pro surfer @A_Stokes down in Cornwall the other week. Part of a shoot for @guardian & @Enterprise #surfing #underwater / on Instagram

Was out shooting Barge life in London this morning #vscocam / on Instagram

#vscocam / on Instagram

I rarely shoot weddings, I tend do only do a choice handful a year. This was one I couldn’t say no to however; an amazing couple, fantastic family and friends and a beautiful location in sunny Ireland. #widelux #wedding #filmisnotdead / on Instagram

The Fencing mask of @JAA_Davis photographed for @FTweekend / on Instagram

One from the family album / on Instagram

Post Notting Hill Party vibes / on Instagram

In 1937 my Grandma visited Germany on holiday, she seemed to make lots of friends - as snaps like this seem to show. Two years later her husband would be enlisted and sent off to fight as Britain declared war against the Nazi State. #wwii #nazigermany #history #scrapbook / on Instagram

A spread of mine on #fencing in this weekends @FTweekend with @JAA_Davis James Davis / on Instagram

Detail of fishing nets from a photo my Granddad took in Devon, England, in 1931. #scrapbook / on Instagram